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Jack Harkness is Not Boring in Bed

Title: Jack Harkness is Not Boring in Bed
Rating: NC17; your mother would not approve.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: In the aftermath of Hurricane Fuck Up Ianto's Life, Ianto tries to parcel out exactly what is going on in his life.
Word Count: An amazing 6,157.
Authors Notes: This has been a project of both love and hate. It started out as a small little 700-word thing for a friend and somehow Ianto humped my leg into making me write more. He's very persuasive. Thanks go to txvoodoo for saying my Jack didn't suck, kephisos for reading over bits and pieces and assuring me they didn't suck either, apple_pi who helped write one of my favourite series where this title is from. And of course, a huge thanks to dizzydame for being my cheerleader, beta and even for contributing to a few lines when I had nothing to say. This is for you.

It hadn't happened before. Ianto was sure of that. Well, almost positive anyways. Of course, he had thought about it, but then, who hadn't really? Jack was fucking gorgeous and with the rumor that he would fuck anything? Well it led people to thinking about things and what exactly a man of mystery like that might have up his sleeves.

So, yes he had given the idea of it perchance happening maybe a small bit of thought but, it wasn't a serious thought. It was one of those things. Just a dream, which were the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy... which is as thin of substance as the air and more inconstant than the wind, and all that. But, still, even Ianto would admit that the idea of it happening was there.

Of course, even that was Jack's fault. Ianto would never have even begun to think-- okay that was a lie, he probably would have gotten around to fantasizing about his boss eventually, but it made Ianto feel better blaming it entirely on Jack-- If he hadn't been so likable, so friendly, so absolutely unashamedly flirting with him. Then maybe he might not have begun to dream about how honey might taste different on warm skin than on toast.

The hardest part, of course, was reconciling his dreams and fantasies with his life. Prior to When Ianto's Life Decided To Just Fuck Off In It's Own Direction (as Ianto liked to call the rather horrible demise of his beloved Lisa), Ianto just explained it away as the byproduct of stress of caring for a half cyborg-half woman, keeping her hidden, and remaining in constant contact with Jack. Anyone of those surely would result in problem's at home, of a sort, or you know, having fantasies about the Boss that Ianto doubted would be even in his Aunt Bedilia's favorite bodice ripper (much to his horror).

Some of his fantasies had even gone so far as to add in words of compassion and longing that seemed to be misquoted out of some Austenian novel, complete with Ianto ending up sobbing in Jack's arms or else swooning into them upon Jack's declaration of undying devotion. None of which Ianto had allowed to exist. Not that the fantasies bothered to care about something like that.

But now, with his life reeling in the After Effects of the Armageddon of His Life (aka post-Lisa's death) it was difficult to concede to these fantasies all the while knowing that he was fantasizing about the man that had technically been Lisa's executioner.

Well, if Ianto was honest with himself, and he tried to be as much as possible, he really should have suspected there might have been a flaw in his plan when Dr. Tanizaki had died due to a Lisa's rather dangerous version of "helping" him. And in truth, he probably did know then, that thing's were about to go all pear shaped and that his plan's were about to go swirling down the drain to hang out with the weevil. But really, he had tried so fucking hard to keep Lisa alive and then to keep the other's from knowing about it and then there was the convincing Dr. Tanizaki that he wasn't lying, he really had a half-cyborg, and then getting him out here and a hotel room (and if Ianto was to get down to brutal honesty he was still a bit miffed about all that. The man liked to travel first class and stay in five star hotels. And he was to pay this off of his salaries from Torchwood) all to have everything screwed up the arse.

Which, wasn't really fair to Lisa, Ianto knew, but still. He had worked so hard and gone through so much that there were times when he was doing his duties on autopilot that he often wondered if at the end of it all, if it really was his Lisa that had talked to him, saying that she and Ianto had made this decision together to turn back into a human or if it had been the cyborg's ability to play him into doing what it needed to survive.

So really, if he was to be honest with himself, Jack really hadn't been Lisa's executioner, the cyborg's had. Which, with this logic in hand, his fantasies continued to romp freely about in his mind, using the excuse that he was vulnerable and in pain and obviously Captain Jack could help the pain.

Ianto just sighed and collapsed into a reclining chair near the kitchenette. All this thinking in circles always left his brain tired and in pain. Because on one hand he had these damned dreams which were getting much more real everyday and even Ianto had to begin to admit that some of them, especially the one he had had the previous night, was not bad at all. But on an entirely different hand, Ianto felt as if having these fantasies now, so soon after Lisa died made him into some horrible monstrosity of a person... but then if what he had been thinking earlier was true, she had died a long time ago and they had really just killed a cyborg, which would mean that it was fine to think about Jack and using his bracers in a way the manufacturer probably had never intended them to be used.

Sighing again, Ianto just closed his eyes and tried to put it out of his mind (because it worked so well) reminding himself for the 567th time that he was paid to clean up after them and to get them places on time ("and to look good in the suit" his rather insufferable conscience reminded him). Rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands he wondered for the 2379th time what it must be like to have a normal job, with normal hours and normal tasks like making graphs of quarterly sums or making phone calls or something, not feeding the pterodactyl and making sure all corpse's sustained the necessary 0 degree's.

The dull click clack of shoes on the metal stairs was lost to Ianto as he was much too involved in his thoughts, it wasn't until he felt a strong hand on his shoulder did his mind finally decide to come back out of the fugue and see what life was like back in the real world.

Jack stood over him, a slight frown on his face as he looked down at Ianto, sprawled on the recliner, line's on his face clearly denoting exhaustion and stress.

Ianto felt as if he had thought too loud, as if he had thought too much and too hard on the Captain and Jack had heard and come to investigate. "Can I get you some coffee Sir?" Ianto asked quickly before he could ask Jack to help himself to perhaps meet him in the training room for a bit of rough and tumble.

"How much sleep have you been getting Ianto?" Jack's voice was soft and his hair was all mussed to one side as if he had been asleep at his desk. And in fact, if Ianto looked close enough he could see the imprint of the Captain's watch on the side of his right cheek.

"Erk." Well, so much for witty and intelligent conversation. Ianto grabbed a hold of his mental facilities and shook them re-soundly before standing and brushing off lint that wasn't even on his immaculate, but yet still slightly rumpled, suit. Ianto walked over to the little Coffee Service Du Jour (as he was fond of calling it) and began to brew some of the coffee. Jack liked the roasted Columbian, right an extra two shots of espresso in his coffee, sugar, no cream. He began preparing it on automatic, ignoring Jack's question, pretending that maybe it had been rhetorical.

"Ianto." The Captain's voice was like the sheerest of silk over steel, it was that softness with an edge to it that reminded you that he wasn't exactly all puppies and kittens. Jack didn't even need to say anymore, the one word was enough of a prod for Ianto.

"I've been getting enough sleep. Just, the past month has been..." Ianto's superficial butler shield that he wore cracked just ever so slightly and his posture slipped just a bit. The past month had indeed tested not only Ianto's patience but his sanity as well. It was as if the Ineffable One (for Ianto was a firm believer that the world could not work at random, but had to have some order. It was this thought that kept him from losing his head during times such as these) was playing Let's See How Badly We Can Screw With Ianto (Ianto granted that this was really a crap title for the game, but he really hadn't had a long time to think up a name). The disaster with Lisa had been almost immediately followed by what Ianto was sure was his own demise not much more than a week later at the hands of a group of people who were, quite literally, hot for his body.

Ianto had no problem admitting that there were nightmares from such an event, to be able to go back to living as if it was no big deal after such an event was surely a sign of insanity, but Ianto refused to let such imaginings of his brain get in the way of his work.

But they still made it difficult to sleep.

The coffee machine beeped and Ianto continued preparing the coffee, trying to ignore the feeling of a pair of eyes looking at the back of his head. Finally, Jack's quiet insistence (and how does he bloody fucking do that? Ianto wanted to know) Ianto sighed and let his body slump a bit in a very disorderly manner.

"It's just... Every time I close my eyes, I can still smell the rotting meat, the steal of the cleaver. The sweat from the man and woman. I can feel the burlap sack around my head and can feel the sharp sting of the cleaver pressing into my neck..." Ianto confessed, turning to see that Jack had now taken up residence in his recliner.

Jack nodded his head in understanding. "You haven't bothered to go home." Jack pointed out, taking the coffee cup from Ianto with a grateful thank you.

Ianto supposed he shouldn't really be surprised, he had known Jack long enough to know that it was better to assume that the man knew everything that went on in then to hope that he would never find out. "I haven't felt it was really necessary." Ianto's voice matched Jack's quiet and soft in the stillness of the Hub at night. "I mean, I do have that small room here and all." Ianto had created a small room for himself when he had first transferred here to Torchwood 3 under the impression that he could be here on call if he was needed, but it had been almost a necessity when he was taking care of Lisa as her condition was such that she had needed to be checked on every couple of hours or so.**

"You should go home and get a good night's rest Ianto." Jack insisted, drinking half of his coffee in one go. Ianto smiled but shook his head.

"I have things I need to do here Sir." Ianto didn't bother continuing with, 'Like, you sir. Would you prefer in the chair, against the wall or would you prefer to be sprawled across the desk?' as at this juncture, it didn't seem like the place. The kitchenette? It had never been in any of Ianto's fantasies.

Jack shifted in his seat, slumping lower in the chair, one leg crossed to rest over the knee of his other, which drew Ianto's attention. Shifting his legs again to sprawl almost indecently, Ianto realized he had been staring at Jack's crotch. "If, there is anything you need Sir" --oh God, because that wasn't loaded with possibilities-- "just let me know."

Flushing furiously, Ianto turned off the coffee pot and hurried out of the small kitchenette before he did something foolish and naked.


The next couple of days, Ianto tried his best to keep both his wandering thoughts and... wandering body parts... in line and under control. It was one thing to let his mind wander to exactly what the Captain may wear underneath his period dated trousers. It was another thing entirely to take advantage of one's butler-y duties to find out.

In fact, ever since Jack had confronted him in the small kitchen, Ianto had done everything in his power to make sure that he wasn't alone with Jack for more than a few moments, for fear that clothes might suddenly start to fly everywhere and then he couldn't be held responsible for anything that happened from then on.

But what continued to make matters worse, despite Ianto's insistence at keeping away from Jack, was the way Jack continued to watch him as he went about his duties. It wasn't like how Jack had watched Ianto after that whole episode with Lisa, it was different, Ianto felt like his skin was burning where Jack looked at him and it was the most exquisite kind of burn he had ever felt.

Then there were the times that Ianto brought the lot of them coffee and Chinese and other such necessities of life, and Jack's fingers just 'oh so accidentally' brushed against Ianto's or the back of his hand and then, Ianto could feel every single hair on his arm, on his entire body for that matter, standing at attention.

It was beginning to get in the way of his job.

Ianto always prided himself on remaining professional at work, despite the sorts of things he'd been asked to do (weevils and dead bodies and mutant hydra plants --that sort of thing) he always remained professional.

Which made the rather painful erection he was sporting a bit annoying as it was beginning to interfere.

Ianto thought how fitting it was that an alien spaceship landing and taking out half of Cardiff would not disrupt his duties, but a burgeoning erection caused the Coffee Train to screech to a rather undignified halt.

Grumbling as there was really only one way to take care of a problem such as this, Ianto excused himself from the team meeting (refusing to look at Jack’s merry eyes as Jack seemed to know exactly what was wrong with Ianto, no matter how) and headed towards the Gents.

Wanking off in a rather small bathroom, even one as nice as the one at Torchwood, always left Ianto feeling rather seedy and base. One hand on the marble tile, Ianto pulled his cock out and stroked hard and fast; now was not exactly the time to prolong such pleasures.

Pulling up the worst (or best, depending on your tastes) fantasy he could, Ianto worked himself into an orgasm, his mind currently fixated on Jack’s tongue doing such awful and wonderful things to his body.

Letting out a muffled groan, Ianto let his forehead rest against the blessedly cool marble, his breathing laboured. Damn Jack and his Amazingly Tight Arse along with those Damnable Large Hands. Ugh, this wasn’t helping at all.

Sighing, Ianto cleaned up and zipped up, determined to head back to work and pretend like he had not been in the loo wanking off to images of his boss doing nefarious things with his mouth and tongue to Ianto’s cock.

Ianto would bet any amount of money that Jack could suck like a pro.

When Ianto had reached the Hub once again, the meeting had ended and Gwen and Owen had already left (Ianto was sure that they had left together and headed to the same place. He had seen their little interactions in and out of the office and Ianto was sure they were seeing each other… which could only end bad as far as Ianto was concerned. He had found, through personal experience, that dating a co-worker was a really bad idea. But then, what did he know, he was trying to get into his Boss’ pants for more than just the perks of a better parking space) leaving just Jack and Tosh in the Hub with him.

And… Tosh seemed to be packing up her things and waving good night to them. Which just left.

Ianto felt the exact moment when he could hear the shit hitting the fan. It was right when Jack turned to Ianto with that smile that did things to his insides that Ianto was sure was not healthy, and said, “I was planning on going over some of the old files, cleaning and what not… if you’re not busy I’d appreciate the help.”

Ianto was sure that the correct answer to this query was no, in fact he was positive it was No and he would like to wager the regular daily double on it Alec. But what he said was, “Absolutely Sir. I’ll be right up.”

It took Ianto half an hour to finish picking up the multitude of stray half empty coffee cups that had found their way all over the Hub (including two in the basement behind the CCTV camera and Ianto wanted to know what that was all about) and clean them out. But unfortunately, Ianto could only hold out so long against the pressures of Captain Jack Harkness.

Hoping that he would not make a fool out of himself and do something so daft as to rip off the Captain’s brace’s with his teeth, Ianto climbed the metallic stairs to Jack’s office.

Sitting in his rather large black leather chair (which could be said was compensating for something but Ianto knew enough carnal knowledge of the Captain to disagree with that idea), Jack did indeed have a couple folder’s scattered on his desk.. but then he also had a bottle of extremely good whiskey and two glasses on the desk, both with three fingers worth of the honey coloured liquor already in them. He also had Glen Miller playing in the background.

“Do you always clean your files in such a way, sir?” Ianto tried to remain aloof and butler-y but apparently Jack had already decided to get comfortable as his shirt was mostly undone and his braces down around his waist.

“I never discuss business with a clear mind.” Jack picked up a glass in salute to Ianto before draining half of it back without a flinch. “Now, join me, yes?” Ianto looked at the chair opposite from Jack’s with suspicion before finally sliding into it and taking the tumbler from the desk.

“You’ve been looking worn Ianto.” Jack’s voice had dropped in tone and with it went Ianto’s hopes that he would be able to concentrate just on business.

“Well it has been a rather hard month and a half.” Ianto was surprised by the rather small voice that answered Jack, more surprised when he learned it was his own.

“All the more reason for this. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Jack smirked at Ianto over the rim of his glass, added in an eyebrow wiggle and finished off his own glass.

“I doubt you’ve done all work and no play sir. Respectfully.” Ianto couldn’t help himself from returning Jack’s infectious smirk and began to drain his own glass.

“Quite right, quite right.” Jack laughed and poured his glass back up.

It took two and a half hours and a rather good portion of the Glenfidditch bottle, but Jack had finally gotten Ianto to relax. Their shoes mingled obscenely together on the floor, along with Ianto’s jacket and tie.

Meanwhile their owners, tired of sitting up straight in their chairs had migrated to the floor and were in the middle of another rousing game of Bullshitting. Jack was in middle of relaying some tale that Ianto was sure wasn’t true.

“And there we were, the 12 of us all naked and the Princess was among us, well you wouldn’t believe what we had to do to get out of there—“ And really, Jack had amazing lips. They were a sort of baby red, not really pink because manly men don’t have pink lips, but they were also quite full and Ianto couldn’t stop staring at how they looked when making vowel sounds.

“—And then this raxacoricofallapatorian comes up to us and we’re all “eww, no not that thing I promise to be good—“ Ianto begins to wonder what it would feel like to kiss the captain when he hasn’t shaved in awhile, how it would feel to have the scratchy itch of a two day old beard rubbing against his throat as he pressed closer to those (still) magnificent lips.

“—this thing! It looked like an elephant on hydroform pills I swear! Like 12 tusks and 4 trunks and we grabbed the Princess and Smith looked at me and was shouting—“ Feeling heady and reckless, and really after fixating on those lips how could anyone stop themselves?, Ianto cut Jack off with a firm press of his lips to Jack’s own.

Jack’s mouth had been parted in speech and Ianto found this served his purpose well as he pushed against Jack, pressing closer until Ianto had convinced Jack that horizontal was the position they needed to be doing this in.

Groaning, Ianto climbed on top of Jack’s body, intent on tasting everything he could inside Jack’s mouth. Ianto quickly learned that if you bite Jack’s bottom lip he will groan deliciously and if you grab his hair just so, he will writhe beautifully on the floor.

Ianto also learned that Jack’s tongue was quick and skilled (much like he had known it would be) and that he liked to tease, kissing Ianto back softly fleetingly before pulling Ianto back down for a drowning kiss.

Now obsessed with finding out what else would make Jack moan and writhe. Ianto’s mouth slid off of Jack’s to lap at his collarbone, feeling the throbbing pulse underneath his tongue. Ianto found that the small soft spot right underneath the Captain’s ear was one of his more sensitive spot’s and exploited it to his end, feeling exactly how much Jack liked it from the poking he could feel by his hip.

But, Ianto soon found that turn about is fair play and quickly found himself on his back with Jack smirking down at him.

“Oh my god.” Ianto groaned, his hips bucking up against Jack’s own to feel friction as Jack bit down on Ianto’s neck, a particular kink for the Welshman. Ianto gasped as jack sucked hard on it, his head growing dizzy and clouded with lust.

“Fucking hell…” Ianto could hear Jack groaning above him but he was lost in his own haze. It wasn’t until Ianto could hear the distinct metallic slide of a zipper did his faculties come rushing back to him in a rather painful way.

Realizing he was now on his back on the floor of Jack’s office, Jack’s hands on his trouser pant’s, Ianto lost all of his nerve and quickly scrambled away from Jack’s hands and his gaze that made Ianto feel as if he could look through clothes.

“I-I- Fuck, I’ve got to go sir.” Ianto stammered, looking flushed and disheveled as he quickly grabbed his jacket and his tie and hurried out of Jack’s office and the hub, hoping for cold air that could clear his clouded and apparently insane mind.

The next morning Ianto had realized two things. One, that the idea of taking a cold shower to cure one’s erection was one of the biggest jokes of all time and that it had to have been invented by a rather vengeful woman. And two, that investing in make-up to cover bite marks may not be entirely a bad idea.

Checking his neck once again in the mirror behind the desk of the fake office, Ianto realized that there was no way around it, that there was a rather large love bite on his neck and yes, it was rather noticeable. And yes, Jack would probably see it and smirk and yes, that Owen would see it and make some sort of rude comment and Gwen would want to know the story and… Ianto wished he didn’t know them quite so well.

Girding his loins (oh, because that didn’t bring back heady images of last night at all), Ianto walked into the Hub and straight to the small kitchen to brew the first cup of coffee, decidedly not looking over at Jack’s office.

From his perch above the office, Ianto could see everyone arriving, some in a rather happier mood (Tosh) than others (Owen, who was probably a bit hung over). When finally the last person had straggled in (Gwen), Ianto finished up the cups of coffee, two sugars for Owen, one sugar and a dash of cream for Tosh and two sugars and a splash of cream for Gwen.

Ianto was pleasantly surprised that Owen did not make any sort of comment about the suspicious looking bruise on his neck and instead just took his cup of coffee with a grumbled and slurred “Thanks.” Ianto was beginning to feel that maybe he had gotten away with it and that later he and jack could have a sit down adult conversation about all the reasons why this was Very Very Very Bad.

Depositing Gwen’s coffee on her desk and giving her a rather “Cheer up Love” sort of smile, Ianto headed towards his own desk to begin cataloguing the different types of spore molds that had been found on that overgrown ivy-like alien plant, feeling that perhaps things were going to be alright.

The tip-tap of black wingtips sized 11 and a half on the stairs began to make Ianto rethink his earlier position on the day.

“Tosh, I’ve been picking up some rather odd signals coming south of us near Caerdydd, see if you can pull it up on the map.” Tosh swiveled around to face her computer and punched in a few numbers to pull that specific map up. “Also, Ianto, you left this in my office last night.” Jack held in his hand Ianto’s silver silk tie, lying innocently in the palm of Jack’s hand as if it had found it’s way into Jack’s office by mistake and not by means of a drunken seduction.

“Err. Thank you Sir.” Ianto could feel his face grow warmer as the rest of the team swiveled to see exactly what was being held out (Ianto noted that Owen seemed disappointed to find that it was just a tie).

Blushing so that he probably know matched his red tie, Ianto tried to quickly grab the incriminating evidence from Jack and run away with it as quickly as he could, but Jack just tugged on it, causing Ianto to stumble forward into Jack. “Meet me in my office later when everyone’s gone.”

Ianto gulped and hoped that maybe he could catch the flu by closing time.

Unfortunately, despite Owen's high probability of being a carrier of a great variety of diseases, nothing was catching. He was as healthy as the proverbial horse and didn't have the acting skills to fake a seizure. Besides, with his luck, that would just result in Jack trying to give him mouth to mouth again.

The day seemed to drag on and on for Ianto, feeling as if the end of the day loomed like, some sort of… looming thing… (to be honest, the idea of being alone with Jack again was making Ianto’s brain lose it’s capability to function)

As it is with anything that is dreaded, the end of the day arrived swiftly and probably earlier than it honestly should have. Ianto watched Gwen, Tosh and Owen leave, ignoring Jack in favour of his cataloguing and hoping (in vain) that perhaps Jack had forgotten all about their little talk and he could carry on in peace and they would never ever mention what had happened the previous night ever again and Ianto would get on with his life and there wouldn’t be anymore complications about shagging the killer of his now dead girlfriend.

“Ianto?” Yeah, fuck.

“Sir? I have a few things left to catalog…” Hoping maybe Jack would allow that to be an excuse—

“It can wait.” Ianto sighed and stood, feeling like he was heading to the guillotine. He trudged up the stairs and entered Jack’s dimly lit office, making sure to keep as much distance from Jack as he could, lest Jack’s proximity take over and make him lose control of his inhibitions like it had only last night.

“You left rather abruptly last night.” It wasn’t a question but Ianto could detect the soft inquiring tone Jack used whenever he wanted answers and wanted to trick you into safe security to give them to him.

“I’m sorry sir it’s just that—“ Jack looked at him with an expectant eyebrow and Ianto was slowly forgetting why it was he left last night.

Jack continued to lean against his desk, arm's across his chest, still giving Ianto the room he required to continue breathing. "Would it help at all if I said I loved you?" Jack asked, his smirk was back in place and even Ianto couldn't help himself from laughing at that.

"I think we're both a bit old for the whole fairytale romance routine don't you Jack?" Ianto dropped the honorific as he slowly began to realize that his higher brain functions were not going to be able to pull him out of this situation. That he was in Jack’s office, he had a hard on and he really really wanted to finally fulfill all those fantasies of his. Ianto couldn't help the resulting smirk from his own face as he gave in and watched Jack slowly push himself up from the desk and move closer to Ianto (thus beginning to make breathing a difficulty for Ianto).

"Well, never let it be said I didn't at least try for a Gentlemanly Conquest." Jack's hands fell to Ianto's hips as he slowly snugged their hips together and Ianto forgot how to blink.

"I don't think you know the meaning of the word, Sir." Ianto breathed, his eyes trained on Jack's lips which were oh so close to his own, the honorific more mocking than servile.

"Mmm, perhaps not." Ianto realized that it was infinitely better to kiss Jack when he was fully cognizant instead of laid out half drunk on the floor like some sort of five pound floozy.

Despite Jack’s agreement that his motives and thoughts were far from gentlemanly, Ianto had the distinct impression that this was not the way Jack normally did things.

Ianto groaned as Jack teased his bottom lip, his teeth nibbling at it and smirking when Ianto tried for more.

Trust Jack to not be straightforward about anything. He led a kiss like he led a conversation, constantly seeking to make sure Ianto was off his guard and unsure as to what Jack was about to do next.

“Jack…” Ianto growled, feeling more confident and more honey as the moments passed.

“Yes?” Jack’s voice vibrated somewhere down by Ianto’s clavicle where his tie was already askew and his shirt had been pulled open to allow for Jack’s rather inquisitive nature.

“If one of us doesn’t get buggered in the next ten minutes, I may have to resort to drastic measures.”

There was a snort and the scraping of teeth. “Oh, of what sort?”

“Decaf.” That was definitely a second snort and then there was a hand in his.

“Come on then.”

The walk, or rather the stumble, to Jack’s small flat inside the Torchwood Hub could have been made very quickly and relatively bruise-free if either Ianto or Jack had bothered to pull away from the other for more than a moment’s time , but as it was, Ianto gladly took the bruise on his hip from the wooden desk (of course it would be Owen’s desk) if it meant that he got to drag Jack backwards by his braces, his own thumbs pressing gently at the tight nubs of Jack’s nipples (much to the obvious pleasure of Jack, if his moans were to be any sort of an indicator).

Jack quickly unlocked his door, shoving the thing wide upon as he yanked on Ianto’s tie causing the man to stumble across the threshold and into Jack—making both of the men tumble onto Jack’s bed.

Despite the less then graceful entrance, neither man skipped a beat as shoes were removed along with socks and jackets and any other unimportant article of clothing.

Ianto made sure to take Jack’s shirt off just so; Jack yanked at the buttons on Ianto’s pressed Oxford, biting at them when the refused to give.

When finally Jack had pulled off Ianto’s boxers (which we’re not ironed thank you very much), the two of them hung in suspended animation, waiting for the other to move.

“Ianto…” Jack said in warning and Ianto knew what he meant.

“I know.” Ignoring all the alarm bells that had been going off in his head like mad yesterday, Ianto pulled Jack down on top of him and reveled in the feel of skin to skin (fucking finally).

Jack’s mouth plundered his own, kissing hard enough to bruise his lips, jack’s own hips pressing and demanding from Ianto, before easing off leaving Ianto hungry for more.

Ianto’s hand fumbled through the dark on Jack’s floor before finally finding his trousers. Digging through the pockets, Ianto pulled out a small vial of lube and a foil packet. Ianto pulled Jack down into another blistering kiss as he wrapped one leg around Jack’s hips and pressed his own cock against Jack’s before pressing his prizes into Jack’s hand.

“I do believe I said ten minutes right?” Ianto was panting for air and Jack wasn’t much better.

Jack looked down at what was in his hand and broke into a grin. “Always come prepared, do you?”

“I suppose you’re going to see about that aren’t you?” Ianto rolled his hips into Jack’s urging him on.

“If you keep on like that—“ Jack warned but Ianto paid no mind, urging Jack.

Ianto watched as Jack poured the slippery stuff onto his fingers before he felt the soft intrusion at his entrance.

“Fuck…” Ianto gasped, tightening up instinctively on Jack before remembering to breath and relax.

Jack leaned over, sucking on Ianto’s neck (and Ianto had just known Jack would have the most amazing mouth) as he slipped a second and then a third finger into Ianto.

“Fuck. Now.” Ianto groaned and Jack just chuckled as he began to prepare himself.

Jack pushed Ianto’s legs up and around his waist before slowly sliding into him. “Holy…” Jack gasped before sliding in the last bit and leaned over Ianto.

“Yeah…” Ianto breathed, his senses on overdrive, as Jack began to move against him. “Holy shit ‘s right…” Ianto let his head fall back on Jack’s pillow and let out a low groan, his hips slowly beginning to move counterpoint to Jack’s.

Jack leaned over and claimed Ianto’s mouth once more as his hips pushed into Ianto, groaning into Ianto’s mouth when he clenched around Jack. “Not… fair…” jack was able to say before thrusting back in once more.

“Want to see you shatter, Sir.” Ianto licked his lips and smirked back up at Jack. “Come on then…” Jack threw his head back, his hands grasping tightly onto Ianto’s hips as he rolled his hips, thrusting and fucking Ianto as hard as he could.

It didn’t take either one of them very long, this had been too long in the making for the act to last very long. With a cry Ianto came across his and Jack’s bellies, clenching down on Jack in such a way that flung Jack over the edge into his own orgasm.

Ianto would swear later that he had passed out after his orgasm unable to remember what happened immediately after his mind numbing orgasm and Jack lying next to him, nibbling his earlobe.

“Jack…” Ianto murmured, too tired to move anywhere (not that he felt his limbs would be able to listen to him anyways).

“Still confused?” Jack asked softly, one hand snaking around Ianto’s waist to tug him in closer.

“No.” Ianto murmured, drifting off to sleep, Jack’s hands making lazy pattern’s on his bare skin.

It happened a lot, much to Ianto’s satisfaction. He still thought about it of course, who wouldn’t want to think about it? And even if he didn't want to think about it, there wasn't much chance Jack would be letting him forget.


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May. 22nd, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
*gnurgle* Whoa. Hot. *fans self* I feel kinda like I can't move myself. :)
Dec. 20th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
Super hot & wicked funny too ;-)

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