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Something Borrowed, Something (Scaly and) Blue
Rated PG-13

Wrote this using Write or Die, just to flex my long-disused Torchwood writing muscles. Bit of an introspective Ianto fic, but set before and containing no spoilers for, CoE.

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Silken Ties

Title: Silken Tie
Rating: R
Warnings: A rather dommy!Ianto and perhaps flimsy characters... for. Certain reasons.
A/N: This was written in response to a challenge issued by clarity_lore who challenged me to write this in 30 minutes. So, this is what I have and it might be a bit weak on characterization. I apologize.

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I srsly need to think about a writing journal. *grins* Anyways, I am cross-posting this here as I stil have quite a few numbers available.

So, please click here if you like having fic written for you involving Jack Harkness. *grins*

Cause yanno, that would be a terrible thing right?
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